Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing is how your various mediums, such as commercials, email campaigns, social media, website, experiential design, etc. work together to create campaigns. It’s a more overarching and holistic approach to campaigns that has proven to result in more conversions.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Larger campaigns need to be strategized using integrated marketing. We’ll be using all avenues in order to reach your audience to create a comprehensive strategy. The various placements of the campaign will take advantage of the individual platforms they’re using in a creative way. 

Creative Storytelling

Campaigns not involving storytelling don’t convert as well as they do when you are storytelling. People like to feel immersed in an experience and hooked into stories – it’s why chapters in books always end in cliffhangers. Storytelling gives people something to wonder about, look forward to, and follow along with. Psychologically, people need to feel like they’re a part of something, so being a witness to creative storytelling makes them feel like they’re a part of the experience.

Sports Marketing

While I’ve done marketing for a number of different industries, my heart is with sports marketing. It’s dynamic and always changing, and the audiences are unlike any other across all industries. Marketing strategies tend to be more “in your face” when you’re dealing with sports, and there’s much more flexibility when it comes to being creative. As someone who’s been involved in design and marketing with the Fiesta Bowl and an MiLB team, and someone who ran the entire marketing and creative department of a professional basketball team (and increased engagement up to 300%), I know how to market sports.