Hi, I'm Maria, and I specialize in marketing for small businesses.

While I currently reside in the Phoenix valley, my clients are located all across the nation. It’s truly a pleasure to work with such a variety of businesses and different personalities. It’s an honor to get to know the people I work with and help them improve their marketing strategies.

About my strategies

I know people, and I know their trends. I can learn any audience’s mannerisms and tailor marketing techniques to reach them as efficiently and effectively as possible. The most important aspect of marketing is the ability to talk with your audience, rather than at it. People like to know that they matter, and they like to feel they are being listened to. That means providing excellent customer service as a part of an encompassing marketing strategy.

Creatively, I can take your “this is our product, and I kind of want to use this photo and maybe this color” jumbled thoughts onto paper to create stunning collateral. My job is to create for you, and my whole career I have been working with people who have a cloudy vision and 18 different paths they want to follow. My job is to find the best path for you and your company, especially if you’re not entirely sure what you want. 

Computationally, I’ve been coding since I was 10. I discovered HTML and CSS by accident, and I’ve been teaching myself ever since. Whether you need a regular site that’s easy to navigate and simply displays your company’s information, or you need a fully-responsive eCommerce site with 200 products, I can help you. 


I broke away from corporate entities to pursue freelancing because I was tired of agencies not respecting their clients. Businesses, big and small, work really hard to stay relevant and have a positive brand reputation, and they deserve to be treated with honesty. Things can go wrong. Roadblocks can be hit. But you should always be kept in the loop.


We're going to work together to create something that works. It's vital that we hear one another's thoughts as we work together and deliver assets on time. Your time is extremely important to me, and I want to be as communicative and respectful of you and your business as I can.


In our working relationship and in our marketing strategy, authenticity is of the utmost importance. Your customers want to connect with your business, so no matter what industry you're in, I'll push for you to embrace authenticity. The world is full of drama and clickbait – let's put a stop to it one business at a time.

but who am I?

I’m an adventurous extroverted introvert with a passion for learning and helping people. I’ve traveled the world, immersing myself in various cultures and gaining respect for people of all backgrounds. I love the outdoors, and I have camping equipment in my trunk in the instance that I get a camping itch or want to see the stars.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design – University of the Pacific
  • Master of Arts, Integrated Marketing Communications – Marist College
  • Master of Science, ICT Software Programming – University of Denver
  • Certificate, Website Development & Design – University of Denver

Random facts about me:

  • My favorite colors are pink and purple, and that beautiful, rich blue you see at sunset
  • I’m an adventure-seeker who’s ice climbed in the Rockies, trekked up live volcanoes, and spontaneously gone bungee jumping
  • I’m never bored because I’m always learning
  • While I love all things digital, there’s nothing like picking up a paperback murder mystery and physically turning the pages