Pure Organic Beauty & Med Spa.


The owner of Pure Organic Beauty & Med Spa was looking for a site redesign. She didn’t feel that her website was modern or classy enough, so she was looking to give the site a complete facelift. Being in the med spa space, it was very important that the site looked upscale and was full of photos that were relevant to the procedures and treatments her spa provided.

My goal was to use a lot of contrast with black, white, and gold to give a better portrayal of an upscale and trendy med spa. Because it was in the medical space, I wanted it to have strong, bold lines rather than organic features to signal professionalism. I paired a modern typeface, Poppins, with an upscale typeface, Playfair, to give potential clients the feeling of stability. 

Originally, the site was going to contain 107 pages, most of which were content about various procedures and treatments. We are currently still working on adding various treatment pages. 


Website Design
Corporate Branding
Marketing Collateral





Branding is one of my favorite services to offer. This client was in the middle of renaming her business. She needed a new site for the Pure Organic brand while she finalized branding and business operations for her new brand, SkinLab Aesthetics. I was able to level-up the Pure Organic brand while also getting to create a Brand Style Guide for SkinLab Aesthetics.


Websites with a plethora of content can be difficult, especially when you need to keep a consistent brand while keeping viewers interested. I created all of the content pages with very similar structures and styles. While they follow a brand-guided style, they’re all structured slightly differently depending on the content. This gives the viewer enough variety to avoid high bounce rates.

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