Meagan Gaines Photography.


Meagan is a photographer whose SquareSpace site expired, and she needed something easy and professional where she could blog and showcase her portfolio. Her brand is very soft, warm, and friendly, and I wanted to use colors and a style that would portray ease and comfort.

I loved working with Meagan because her photos are so beautiful, and she is so insanely talented. The rustic-modern style was really fun to create, and I enjoyed catering her content to her prospective clients. Photoshoots can be awkward, especially when you don’t know how to pose, and you’re supposed to “act natural.” I wanted her prospective clients to feel like photoshoots with Meagan won’t be awkward – they’ll be comfortable and easy.


Website Design
Domain Redirection
Email Migration





We didn’t want separate pages for each of the four portfolio categories she had. Because of this, I added a separate Portfolio section on her home page that opens each individual gallery in a pop-up so users won’t navigate off the page. Should they want to see all of Meagan’s photos, the Portfolio page lists all photos up front, with tabs for each individual category in case prospective clients are looking for specific subjects. These all dynamically open in a beautiful cascade-style masonry grid.


I’m not exaggerating when I talk about how talented Meagan is. Because of this, I wanted to showcase her work as much as possible. I set each page header to be a full-browser photo. No matter how large your browser is, the photo will cover the entire window – go ahead, try it. I did this because I felt it was important clients see the details in each photo every chance they got.

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