This was a particularly fun project to work on because it allowed me quite a bit of creative freedom. The original website had been created by an agency, and when I logged into WordPress, there were 67 pages, half of which were labeled with different version numbers or drafts, and a number of unnecessary caching plugins, which told me the previous designers weren’t entirely sure what they were doing. The two owners are wonderful entrepreneurs with a vision, and I was honored they chose me to work on this with them.

I was able to transform the previous “salesy” site and turn it into a well-branded business. The original home page resembled a landing page, where there were four or five areas with redundant copy and creative. I turned this into a home page with headings, hierarchy, and images that fit their brand. I also moved them onto different hosting, since their old agency was hosting it on their account.


Website Design
Hosting + Domain Transfer





One of the big issues this site was facing was the fact that there was so much content. While some of this content was redundant, a lot of it was unnecessary and overwhelming. I was able to go through their 67 existing pages and pull what was important and relevant to their business and use it in their redesign. 


Felyx had branding, but it was used pretty loosely in their original site with different-colored yellows and type treatment. The owners wanted Felyx to move away from being “salesy” and wanted it to feel unique, fresh, and easy to understand. We laid out the content for the Businesses and Fundraising pages so it was easy for users to see how things worked and what exactly they would be getting if they were to sign up. 

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