Coach Rachel.


Rachel is the kindest woman and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her business is centered around helping families get through difficult times. She offers interventions and family counseling for those with loved ones going through addiction, as well as mental health services for those who suffer from depression, PTSD, and any other challenges. 

Her previous site did not have branding of any kind. Rachel loved her trip to Africa, so she wanted to incorporate soft wildlife colors that would invoke feelings of comfort and serenity. She also didn’t have much content, so I was able to write almost all of the content for her various Services pages. 


Website Design
Content Writing





I love the colors we chose for her site. We decided on a smokey, soft green, khaki, and smokey brown. They’re professional but friendly, and they offer a sense of stability and wellness. We wanted her visitors to feel hope and warmth as they scrolled through her site, and these colors do just that. 


Rachel’s site didn’t have much content, and when you’re in an industry where mental health is involved, it’s important your visitors can feel confident in knowing you’re experienced and know what you’re doing. I was able to write 90% of the content for her Services pages. While strict information is important, it’s also important that visitors feel “heard” while they’re reading, which I worked to incorporate into her content. I wanted people to feel like there was hope, and they weren’t alone.

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