Berkshire Laser Co.


This client is one of my all-time favorites – they have two small family businesses, run by a couple with very large hearts. This particular business of theirs is a custom cutting and engraving business, where they take coasters, mugs, tumblers, ornaments, and a myriad of other items and engrave them for customers. Most of their work become keepsakes, as gifts for various holidays or birthdays. 

Because their business is custom keepsakes, I wanted to really highlight how family-oriented and special the owners are. People who are typically looking to purchase keepsakes are generally sentimental people who care about who they’re buying from. I designed the site with friendly, non-aggressive colors and a “family shop,” unique vibe.


Website Design
Domain Redirection
Email migration





Because this business focuses on customization, it was important to make sure they received all of the necessary information at the time of purchase, such as logos or engraving names. We made sure to implement both of these functions so they weren’t stuck having to track down information once the purchase had been made.

EMBEDDED CATALOGS Berkshire Laser Co has a partnership with a company that supplies them with products that can be engraved upon. It was important to my client that the catalogs with additional products were hosted on their website, rather than making their potential customers leave the site. We chose to embed these catalogs on their site so it was easy for customers to browse without having to be redirected.

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