Client Showcase: Appro Development

The owner of Pure Organic Beauty & Med Spa was looking for a site redesign. She didn’t feel that her website was modern or classy enough, so she was looking to give the site a complete facelift. Being in the med spa space, it was very important that the site looked upscale and was full of photos that were relevant to the procedures and treatments her spa provided.

WHAT I DID: Website Design

About the Project

This design was given to me by one of my agency clients. The company had entirely new branding and was looking for a site to mimic their new, unique look. The website itself is just short of 40 pages, so we needed to find a way to properly display their multitude of content in a way that wouldn’t bore the audience. Most of their new branding style centered around architecture – sharp lines, rectangles, and patterned geometric backgrounds.

This was one of my favorite sites to design because of the unique branding style. They wanted the rock texture, the geometric pattern, and the maroon and charcoal colors to be at the forefront of the site. The architecture of the pages is unique, with a left-hand patterned “sidebar” extending up to the top, meeting the rock texture. The mixture of the charcoal, maroon, and beige are proportionately used throughout the site, so no part of the design is too heavy or too light, making it the perfect solution to “too boring.”


Unique Branding: I love working with style guides, especially when they’re unique. This client’s mixture of beige rock, gray geometric patterns, and maroon, gray, and beige colors made this a fun project. While I stick to a lot of geometry with my sites, I particularly enjoyed the amount of lines and geometric shapes I was able to incorporate into this site, solidifying not only the brand, but the fact that this is a land development and architecture company.

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